Megapixel HD 720 p and FHD 1080 p surveillance cameras

HD and Full HD Surveillance Cameras: New Stage in Live Video Monitoring. We do not know how you spent the winter holidays, but we hope your house has not been broken and you have not found the car scratched in the parking lot. Otherwise, we’re sorry, but we remind you that the thieves never sleep or get into vacation. The positive side in an unfortunate context like the one mentioned above is that you can prevent unpleasant incidents by installing a surveillance camera system.

In the new year we come with great news for you. You can even buy HD cameras right now and HD, and why not even Full HD. This way you can capture even the face of a potential offender, and this will make a difference about catching the individual or the impossibility of identifying it if you already have a monitoring kit that records poor quality.Megapixel HD 720 p and FHD 1080 p surveillance cameras

You probably think these equipment costs a fortune. On the contrary! You will be surprised to find that we at eyewatch offer you hd and full hd surveillance cameras at the lowest prices on the market. Although costs are affordable, you will be able to buy indoor or outdoor cameras displaying HD 1280 x 720 and Full HD 1980 x 1080 resolution. This way, any commercial or residential space will be protected to the maximum due to quality records.

But the most important aspect is the following: if you already have a camera system that has become outdated with the passage of time we tell you something. You do not have to pull the cables again. Just change old cameras to HD cameras plus the DVR (digital video recorder) recorder and you have a video surveillance system that you can boast of.

There are quite often those cases where an unpleasant situation occurs in a shop for example and the captured images do not help in any way. When it comes to security, LogicalGate wants to help you with professional monitoring solutions that can be remotely accessed remotely using your pocket phone and can be programmed to record only on motion detection if that’s what you want.

At the same time, darkness is not a problem to worry. All hd and full hd cameras on our store come with LEDs that help capture the movements of your space of interest.

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