9 habits that favor acne

9 habits that favor acne

A clean, healthy skin without pimples is the dream of any person. If with regard to hormones or heredity (because these are the main reasons for the appearance of the pimples) you can not do anything, you can even change your daily habits.


Acne, a name used for what we call baskets, is a result of fat, bacteria and dead skin stored at the root of hair. People with oily skin are more prone to acne, but by correcting mistakes made daily, they can improve the condition of the skin. Here are some tips from Everyday Health:

You wash your face too often

Although it is important to keep your skin clean, do not overdo it. Limit yourself to cleaning your face in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before bedtime.

Too much exfoliation

It is good to exfoliate your skin, but do not exaggerate rubbing too much with its towel with extremely abrasive substances. Limit to warm water and an easy exfoliating solution.

Do not wash your face after sweating

If you just came from a physical training, do not expect your sweat to dry on your face. Wash as soon as you have the opportunity.

You’re squeezing your baskets

I know it seems irresistible to sit for a few minutes in the mirror and to squeeze your pimples, but you do badly, because you can put the loose deeper into the skin, causing redness and even small scars. It is best to let the baskets go by themselves and eventually use a special cream to dry them.

Ignore your hair and scalp

If your hair tends to get fat, wash your head as often as possible. This will keep your forehead and areas near your hair from getting fat.

Hair care products also reach the face

It is important that when using foam, hair gel or fixative, be careful not to leave it on your face. They clog the pores and inevitably appear the pimples.

Consume fatty foods

The fat in the foods you eat can affect the quality of your skin, increasing it considerably. So stay as far as possible away from fried food and eat low-fat foods. This will help your skin and health.

You use cosmetics containing oil

If you have a predisposition to acne, the last thing you need is to use cosmetics containing oil. Read the label carefully to find out what’s in it. Eventually, it looks for an inscription that the product is non-acneic natural beauty products from UK┬áPellamar.

Stop the anti-acne treatment sooner than necessary

If your acne was severe enough and you had to get help from a doctor, you will receive a treatment that will make your girl cleanse. You do not decide when to stop treatment, because many times, although the skin is apparently cured, the problem may return. Stop treatment only as a result of the physician’s decision.

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